Idol Incidents Episodes 1 & 2: Idols Will Save The World!

Idol Incidents Episodes 1 & 2: Idols Will Save The World!

In a world where idols have saved their school and even the world, Idol Incidents depicts idols saving the country. How are they doing that? Through politics.

The combination of idols and politics is as absurd as it gets. And it doesn’t help when you see that the main idol girl is another high school student without the slightest idea about the government of her own country. Idols entering the political field, running for elections and becoming dietwomen. What could possibly go wrong? Nothing, actually. These idols are in fact, the heroes this Japan needs to take it out of these dark times.

The first episode starts with the leader of the Heroine Party, Sachie, searching for a candidate for the upcoming by-elections. She picks up a random girl she finds singing in some obscure village she just happened to be passing by. And to finalize the candidate for the by-election out of the many contestants, it is decided that the one who makes it to the top of a hill will be chosen. If members of the National Diet are chosen by this way, you know the country is doomed.

Natsuki ends up making it to the top and gets to take part in the elections as a Heroine Party candidate. Her opponent is a man from the Rougai Party. The Rougai Party has been depicted as a corrupt party and the enemies of state. Right in the start of the episode we see two people being modest about how corrupt they are. The second episode has a Diet member using his private land as a garbage dumping spot.

Natsuki’s election campaign doesn’t have anything about how she plans on helping the people. All it has is her singing a song with another Dietwoman and renowned ido, Onimaru Shizuka. The people of the city elect Natsuki solely based on the personality she created, not because of whether she is competent enough or if she can solve their problems or even raise their voices. It’s not much different from real life though, where many people are elected solely because of their name and not because of what they say.

This fictional Japan is going through some dark times and we can already see the reason why this is so.

The first episode is a bit fast paced as they literally rush things to get Natsuki into office as fast as they can. They waste no time on other things at all and blaze through.

The following episode has Natsuki learning about the problems in different parts of the country, how the Diet works along with other things… Except, she’s sleeping through the study session. If Japan wasn’t doomed before, it sure is now.

Natsuki comes across a garbage dumping problem in Mitani village. The laws of the country are the problem here as there aren’t any laws preventing such dumping of wastes. Instead of getting this issue solved, the other idol party, the Sunlight Party decides to protest with only four people despite being Dietwomen themselves….

Shizuka was a member of the Sunlight Party before switching over to the Heroine Party. This is an almost regular occurring in the real world. But Chinatsu isn’t quite used to this and terms her a traitor for changing parties. And because of this personal grudge, she refuses to work with the Heroine Party. She puts her personal feelings over the greater good of the people. Chinatsu even acts like a child when protesting this proposal to work together.

She does agree to work with them later on but on the condition that they prove their worth by bungee jumping. Idols bungee jumping to decide whether their political parties will work together or not for the people of the village… We’re as confused as you are but this is the kind of randomness that makes this show fun to watch.

While Idol Incidents is largely an idol anime, it does have some relatable stuff when it shows its political side. The leader of the Sunlight Party gets her picture on the front page of newspapers despite not being there until the very end. She takes all the credit for something she wasn’t even involved in to begin with.

The people electing their representatives based on how they look, the candidates getting selected based on how much physical stamina they have, it’s all exaggerated but stuff like this does happen in the real world.

The idols are here to change the state of the country and eradicate the corrupt leadership plaguing it. It is kinda stupid to try and change things with the power of singing, and so we won’t get to see any serious politics at play here. But Idol Incidents is managing to be quite enjoyable through its sheer absurdity.

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