Grimoire of Zero 8: Traps And Revelations

Grimoire of Zero 8: Traps And Revelations

Grimoire of Zero brings forth some revelations and a new partnership in this eighth episode, but not without its flaws.

The problems in this episode start with the visuals. Grimoire of Zero was never that visually enticing anyway so we’re not really disappointed with the CGI mob characters passing by as The Mercenary and Wolf run towards Albus. There is also the terrible running animation, for the Mercenary especially; he doesn’t even look like he is running at all–feels more like he’s jogging all the time.

The revelation in question though, is that Albus is in fact the Great Sorena’s granddaughter, and there are some problems with this big discovery; Grimoire of Zero sure is struggling with its big reveals. There wasn’t any hint that Albus could possibly even be a female. Yes, there were the villagers in episode 2, but after that, everyone without exception referred to Albus as a male. And at this point it even feels weird referring to Albus as a female.

Then, why was Albus roaming around hunting heads and screaming “I want to be stronger” in the very beginning when she was the granddaughter of Sorena and had a lot of respect among the Sorcerers of Zero? Albus never showed any sign of being the one who is the de facto head of the Sorcerers of Zero as she mentions herself back in episode 2.

Her outburst in support of Sorena does make sense, but then again, almost all witches hate the humans for burning Sorena alive.

They could have given some hint in episode 5 when everyone was murdered by Thirteen, but Albus over there says that it’ll be impossible for her to round up the Sorcerers under her command, even though she is leading the Sorcerers in “His” absence.

Wolf man did catch a whiff of the granddaughter from Zero back in episode 3, but they didn’t use that scene to give a hint or anything about Albus’ true identity. We don’t have any qualms with wolf guy and his story about being in charge of the granddaughter’s protection, but we have some issues with the big reveal about said person’s identity. Grimoire of Zero really needed to give some hints instead of throwing such reveals at us out of nowhere.

Through the dog man’s story we learn about the possibility that “He” was involved in the framing and death of Sorena. This does make sense given how much of an evil person that mysterious man is. Sorena wanted to use magic in the same way as Zero had envisioned, but since all good guys would prove to be a nuisance, that man eliminated her, just like he eliminated almost all of the witches and sorcerers in the cave.

One thing we see here is that Thirteen tells Albus that he will kill all witches because some of them want to spread mischief and mayhem. Just because there are some bad witches doesn’t mean that all witches should die. And besides, the witches can use the same excuse to kill humans; it’s not like the humans are any less guilty for this messed up world of hatred. It’s the Church that started all this in the first place.

Being the granddaughter of Sorena and the de facto head of the Sorcerers of Zero, Albus should be stronger than she looks. But the thing is, she was out for beastfallen heads which, according to wolf man, means that she isn’t that good a witch. Only weak witches hunt for beastfallen heads. And this also means that Zero has no need for any beast head, which makes the Mercenary realize how much he screwed up.

This episode came with its fair share of reveals. Watch the high points here:

We only see probably a minute of Zero here as she awakens from her slumber to find that there is a barrier erected and she can’t use magic to break out. In this short time we don’t see Zero letting out some frustration over how her Mercenary doubted her; we see her miss the Mercenary’s presence here. And on the other side, the Mercenary wants the Grimoire which will work as an apology for his big screw up. Despite having somewhat of a fight, both want to make up and continue journeying together.

Albus’ identity has been revealed, and while we’re not fond of how it came to be, it is an interesting turn of events. Being Sorena’s granddaughter, she does hold some form of authority over the Sorcerers of Zero, which could prove to be useful in finding the Grimoire since she now knows the truth behind it.

Who this mysterious man leading the Sorcerers of Zero is, is, well, still a mystery and with how things go in Grimoire of Zero with regards to revealing stuff, get ready to be disappointed. We haven’t gotten any hints regarding his identity and the only guess we could make at this point is that he is Zero and Thirteen’s teacher. Why did he spare Thirteen and Zero is beyond us because they’re the best students of the cave. This then makes us think that it couldn’t be someone from the cave but an outsider. Who could this outsider be then? We have literally no clue.

And this is Grimoire of Zero’s big problem. We have four episodes left in this season and we have no clue as to this great villain’s identity. For all we know, the revelation might end up being something pulled out of who knows what hole. Or we might not even get to know him and will have to read the source material for further information.

We can only hope we at least get something regarding that mystery man now that Albus doesn’t have to hide anything, but we aren’t expecting too much in that regard. They should just quickly go back to those character interaction moments since that is where they excel anyway.

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