Grimoire of Zero 7: Two Equally Violent Roads

Grimoire of Zero 7: Two Equally Violent Roads

Things are starting to get a bit intense here in Grimoire of Zero with the Mercenary still far away and Zero really not liking this kind of development.

While on his way out of the city, the Mercenary sees a shop from where beastfallen take free alcohol whenever they want. The Mercenary beats up one pig man which catches the eye of the daughter of an inn owner.

These beastfallen are all considered to be witch-hunter mercenaries and are given some special treatment in some places when it comes to food and alcohol, which obviously, they all abuse. The Mercenary just beat up a beastfallen who was drunk and wasn’t paying for his wine; the girl sees this and tries to round up the Mercenary to use him.

Later on in the evening, three beastfallen are at the inn and are getting their fill of free food and alcohol. The girl tells her father her plan of using a beastfallen to make these ones run away, which the Mercenary overhears.

The Mercenary just ran away from Zero because he doubted whether he was really a friend or was just being used. The girl over here in a sense lured him in with some nice words just to use him. It’d be a different case if that wasn’t her intention, but using him was her plan.

Of course she had her reasons: she and her father feared the beastfallen and couldn’t do anything about them themselves. The girl’s mother was eaten up by a hungry beastfallen and they don’t want that to happen to themselves. She had no choice but to grab onto any opportunity to rid them of these beastfallen.

As for the Mercenary? He’s used to being manipluated like this, but at this moment he didn’t really want this to happen considering what just transpired between him and Zero.

The wolf man returns here for some revenge over how his fur was all removed. He gets the help of some witches to hunt down the cat man mercenary. But that ends up failing as the Mercenary takes out all the witches while the wolf man gets backstabbed himself.

Simultaneously, we see Zero taking out all her anger on Thirteen. She doesn’t like how he took away the Mercenary from her side and she wants to blow up Thirteen. But something completely unexpected happens: while fighting the witches, the Mercenary gets shot by an arrow, which instead of damaging him, pierces Zero.

Watch how Zero and the Mercenary’s experiences remain connected, and how this makes the show more exciting:

Was this because of some magic spell used by Zero or was it thanks to one of Thirteen’s dirty tricks? Thirteen himself looked quite surprised at this turn of events and also treats her wounds, so we’re inclined to believe that this wasn’t his doing even if he is such an evil man.

We also see the Mercenary almost losing himself to the wild beast within but he quickly comes back to his senses when he remembers what Zero said to him back in episode 4, which is another testament to how close the two came during their journey together.

The Mercenary learns something quite interesting from the dog man. It turns out that wolf man is related to Sorena’s granddaughter; he is entrusted with her protection and hence also knows her whereabouts. And where the granddaughter is, there is the leader of the Sorcerers of Zero and possibly the Grimoire too.

Despite not being with Zero and also not having anything to do with her Grimoire anymore, the Mercenary is still going out of his way to find it, now that he has a lead and all. He is no longer bound by any contract but he’s still going to get that book which shows how much their relationship has progressed.

This is turning out to be more and more like that Spice and Wolf episode we mentioned last week. The two may have had a fight but they’re both still trying to do something for their ex-travel partner. Zero wants to make Thirteen pay for separating her from her Mercenary and said Mercenary is going to find the book which will work as an excuse to come back to her.

Things aren’t looking good on Zero’s side though. She is wounded and unconscious. The Mercenary would throw a fit if he saw her in this state. Thirteen has given Albus one more day to decide whether he still wants to be on his murderous leader’s side and get burned, or join Thirteen’s party and become a witch-hunting witch.

The latter half of the episode was quite exciting. The fight had some passable animation and the unexpected turn of events really caught us off guard. However, we do need the reason behind it. The Mercenary’s direction should be interesting. He may actually find the Grimoire, but then getting it would be a problem considering the person who stole it might also be nearby.

Previous episodes were generally light on everything, but these past two episodes were quite exciting and we can expect similar stuff further down the road.

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