Grimoire of Zero 6: A Beautifully Dramatic Relationship

Grimoire of Zero 6: A Beautifully Dramatic Relationship

Grimoire of Zero puts the Mercenary and Zero’s relationship to test as Thirteen starts showing his true colors.

The fight comes to an abrupt end as the two combatants can’t battle with their stomachs growling.

Zero and Thirteen were classmates in the cave, along with many other people; she didn’t exactly hate him, but she took his attacks on the Mercenary as a sign of hostility. Plus, he gave more reasons to be hated by robbing a lot of sorcerers and witches of their magic, which is an unforgivable sin.

After the mysterious leader of the Sorcerers of Zero massacred everyone in the cave and took off with the Grimoire, Thirteen embarked on a journey to bring it back.

We also get the reason why Zero wrote such a book. She wanted to make the use of magic convenient to everyone. She thought it would be good if everyone could be able to light a fire or catch some fish without any hassle. It might make witches more acceptable in society. She hadn’t been exposed to the outside world and to how terrifying humans can be. She was too young to know that her book can be used for evil very quickly. The Grimoire was written with pure intentions, but it ended up falling into the wrong hands.

The problem that started all this was that Zero didn’t know the outside world enough back then. The whole reason why this book was written was because Zero didn’t know what the outside world was like. She was naive and didn’t know that people can be so evil and use anything for their own selfishness, and sometimes to even wreak havoc all around. The problem was the cave, as it kept Zero in a secluded space, giving her zero exposure to the outside world. Now that Zero has stepped out of the cave, she has a better idea of what the world is like, has now realized her mistake and wants to fix it. She doesn’t want anyone else to dirty their hands, especially Thirteen (though for other reasons); she wants to be the one who fixes this.

Albus has been straightforwardly told that the Grimoire was stolen and that the Sorcerers of Zero aren’t as just as he believes them to be. But most of that is only Thirteen being evil. Yes, the Sorcerers of Zero have committed crimes, but they are a group which protects witches and wants some form of peace and tranquility. They’re way better than those rogue witches at the very least.

The thing is that this entire witches versus humans versus beastfallen three-way showdown isn’t just one party’s fault; they’re all equally responsible for this never-ending madness. No one is willing to take a step back and work towards actually decreasing tension between the parties. Thirteen blames the Sorcerers of Zero for being unjust while raising the flag of justice, but he himself has killed a number of innocent witches who only came to the Sorcerers for protection.

After toying with Albus’ mind, Thirteen does the same with the Mercenary in an attempt to take away all of Zero’s support. He tells the Mercenary that Zero should not be trusted; that she has made a lot of sacrifices in the form of beastfallen heads, and that she has used her magic on him to make him her slave among other stuff and turn the Mercenary against him. He gives him a magic potion which can supposedly turn him into a human and tells him to leave Zero’s side to save himself.

All this was Thirteen’s magic which turns doubt into fear, and it works on the Mercenary. Zero sees the scared Mercenary and tells him to leave.

The relationship between Zero and the Mercenary got dramatic in this episode. Watch the high points below:

The Mercenary is partially at fault here. You can’t blame the guy for being chased by witches who want his head on an almost regular basis, so naturally he slightly doubted Zero deep inside. He probably tried to save her previously mainly because he was a good person, his relationship with her being secondary. His doubts increased when he saw how easily Zero ditched Albus. And this is where he screwed up.

The Mercenary didn’t understand how serious Zero was about their contract; she was willing to make a contract where the party who breaks it dies. That is enough to show how serious she was. And besides, her relationship with Albus was nothing like that with the Mercenary; it was clear from the start that she was only using Albus to find the Grimoire. She never even showed the desire to make a serious contract with him like she did with the Mercenary.

The Mercenary thought that he was in the same boat as Albus, which led to Thirteen being able to work his magic on him. Zero had tried her best to show the Mercenary that she isn’t to be feared and can be trusted, and just when the Mercenary was close to completely trusting her and becoming a close friend, Thirteen shows up and puts an end to it all.

Tiger-san will be regretting this mistake of his, and in the meantime, Zero will be all alone once again, which will make it easier for Thirteen to work on her and send her back to the cave. He probably won’t manage, but Thirteen won’t stop at that. He has his own ulterior motives for finding the Grimoire and Zero is a problem here. His plan hasn’t been revealed, but we can guess it isn’t something nice. He has gotten some people away from Zero’s side and now he has to remove her from his way as well.

The relationship between Zero and the Mercenary isn’t going too well at the moment; tiger man will have to patch things up with her sooner or later. Thirteen can’t be trusted and the potion he gave may not be what he advertised it as. Albus is probably going be burned at the stake since he obviously isn’t going to accept Thirteen’s offer.

The episode feels somewhat similar to that one Spice and Wolf entry where Holo and Lawrence’s relationship seemingly goes bad, but then they soon patch things up–another similarity between the two shows, though the situation is slightly different here. Zero and the Mercenary’s relationship should get fixed next week.

This has been an interesting episode. The plot progression feels nice and we get the focus on the two travelers’ relationship, which is always good. We look forward to seeing our two main characters get back together.

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