Grimoire of Zero 3: The Reason Why Beasts Are Hated

Grimoire of Zero 3: The Reason Why Beasts Are Hated

Our group is going to a big city in this third Grimoire of Zero episode, and here we see how the beastfallen get treated in a city which allows them to even enter, along with some nice character interactions.

The beastfallen are obviously not treated like normal humans by many given their appearance and the Church’s declaration against them, but these aren’t the only reasons. The beastfallen also have themselves to blame for not being able to get a room in most of the inns in the city. There are people who treat them less like monsters, but these people are seldom seen.

The group fails in their attempts to get some place to stay because everyone is scared of the Mercenary; he soon finds the reason why. A beastfallen is trying to have his way with a girl. Beastfallen do get sudden seizure-like urges to attack people, but this one was randomly attacking a human. The owner of the girl soon shows up after the Mercenary saves her, and it turns out that he’s a wolf man.

The wolf man claims that the slaves he has are witches and he’s providing them with protection. Zero claims this story to be false and believes that the wolf man is keeping normal humans as slaves. Stuff like this only further ruins the beastfallen’s reputation. There are some possibilities as to what the story could be with the girls and the wolf man.

It could be that dog man and his friends attacked a village on suspicion of the presence of witches and the villagers handed over the suspicious witches. Or it could be that they attacked a village and kidnapped the girls.

The first possibility is termed an almost regular occurring by Zero; people tend to see relatively rare actions or something as witchcraft and suspect those involved to be witches. Many people have died as a result of this irrational fear; and they’ve got the Church to thank again. The second possibility shows that the beastfallen have also embraced their place in society and are going all out with their monster nature. And because of these actions, the better of the beasts are facing problems.

With this reason, and because he’s a good guy, the Mercenary helps out the slave girls, and even beats up the wolf guy. What follows is rather interesting: Zero turns the guy into something resembling a human. The guy retains the wolf head and the tail, but loses all his fur.

What exactly was this scene? Did Zero turn him into a human? Or did she only remove his fur? Whatever the case, it shows that she is capable of turning the Mercenary into a human like this too.

Grimoire of Zero is starting to feel more and more like the superb Spice and Wolf with this episode. Zero is coming off as a lot like Holo; from not caring about being seen naked, to being unable to handle much alcohol, to teasing her male travel partner, she’s pretty similar to the wolf girl. The character interactions are also reminiscent of Lawrence and Holo’s with how the Mercenary handled the Zero stripping in public situation and his general attitude towards her; though the Mercenary isn’t yet at the level of Kraft Lawrence. We don’t mean that in a bad way though; fantasy adventure stories like these with good character interactions, relaxing moments and good world building aren’t all that common nowadays and Grimoire of Zero feels somewhat fresh which is good.

Watch these beautiful interactions with our highlights from this 3rd episode:

The Mercenary has warmed up a whole lot to Zero. He doesn’t care about her sleeping on top of him, unlike how he threw her away when she did the same a couple of episodes ago. Another thing is how he doesn’t consider the situation to be erotic like Albus was thinking. He broke out into a blushing fury in the first episode, but now he’s acting like this isn’t something out of the ordinary or worth the effort.

However, there’s a little problem over here. While we really like that the Mercenary isn’t freaking out and giving a typical reaction to a hot woman sleeping on him, it is coming off as a bit too early for him to be giving an atypical reaction. This is only the third episode, we would have preferred it if they had delayed this for another episode or so.

Grimoire of Zero continues to superbly build its fantasy land and its characters. It really is capitalizing on its character interactions and is doing a more than good job with it. The Mercenary and Zero are making a rather amusing duo and their chemistry is developing quite nicely. Zero, while being a fun character to follow, isn’t the most unique of females. But the Mercenary has potential to become an atypical male lead if he learns how to handle Zero’s constant teasing well.

We get another interesting episode here as Grimoire of Zero continues its splendid world building. The characters are experiencing this world while getting closer to each other and also to Zero’s dangerous little book currently in possession of the dubious Sorcerers of Zero. We also get around five seconds of nice animation here which is another plus for this episode.

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