Grimoire of Zero 12: Another Kind Of Magic

Grimoire of Zero 12: Another Kind Of Magic

Grimoire of Zero brings its story to an end as the war has been stopped and there is now peace in the land.

Albus can’t accept Thirteen’s apology and won’t forgive him, but at the moment she has to focus on getting things ready to deny magic in Wenias. They all split up and go for the remaining places.

At the castle, the Sorcerers of Zero are banging at the gates and telling them to hand Thirteen over. Even though the knights there know that the Sorcerers are only after the State Sorcerer and not after anyone else’s head, they still go to fight them head-on. They could have easily avoided this fight by having a friendly negotiation with the Sorcerers and convincing them that Thirteen isn’t with them. If they had done that, then there wouldn’t have been any reason to fight and everyone would have gone back peacefully. Another testament to the fact that both parties are equally responsible for all the chaos that was seen till now.

Returning to the main characters, when they’re done with the set up, they meet up in the center of the magic circle, along with the group of Sorcerers who were after Albus and Holdem. While the dog and cat fend off the Sorcerers, Zero and Thirteen make preparations for the ritual. Albus soon returns and they do the job by using the Mercenary’s body as a sacrifice without killing him.

Zero summons a demon who says it has been too long to Zero. This either means that it has been too long since Zero summoned him for some serious level magic, or it tells us something about Zero and how she got this infinite power. Either way, we’re probably never going to find out unless we read the source material.

Zero successfully erases magic from all of Wenias which, after some chaos, brings the war to an end. With the spread of magic still being possible, the Sorcerer of State position becomes official and Albus gets it. Thirteen is shown to the world to be burned at the stake as the reason behind all this madness by Albus, who says stuff similar to what Thirteen said some episodes back when the positions were reversed. Thirteen is taken out before he gets burned and he goes into hiding and will continue to assist the young magic users out there.

We see more of the beautiful relationship between Zero and the Mercenary as while the cat man was unconscious after the demon possession, Zero stayed by his side for those three days. And when the Mercenary tells Zero to turn him human, Zero says that she doesn’t have enough power right now. It works as an excuse to prolong their time together as Zero is off on another journey to erase magic from places other than Wenias where it could have spread.

Neither Zero, nor the Mercenary regret ever meeting each other and both believe that them being a witch and a beastfallen, respectively, was for the best. The two have grown very close and Zero wants to make the Mercenary her manservant so that he becomes hers and they don’t have to be separate. The Mercenary refuses to be her slave but still says he’ll be her Mercenary. This shows that the Mercenary is her companion out of his own free will rather than because he was forced to.

Grimoire of Zero has been a rather fun ride. The best thing, as we’ve said numerous times already, has been the relationship between Zero and the Mercenary which is simply a joy to watch. The two have this chemistry which makes them really pleasant to follow.

The problems this cartoon faced are all related to its plot. We had Albus and “His” reveal which were kinda weird. And we’re not sure what to think about Thirteen becoming a good guy after they showed him to be the worst person in the show. It started off quite slow, but that wasn’t too big a problem since all that time worked to develop a relationship between Zero and the Mercenary and also helped explore some of the show’s world. But when the plot started getting serious, it didn’t get off to a perfect start. Things did become interesting later on as we started to see the importance of the characters and everything else, but story developments were still kind of damaged. Maybe they would have been better off if their plot was secondary to the Zero-Mercenary relationship instead of being equally important.

There’s really no point in talking about the visuals here because they’re pretty average. In this episode, things take a slight dip to below average, as there are some slightly off model characters seen here. There isn’t much fighting as the show’s pretty reserved with its animation, but when we do get something which should be exciting, it’s as average as the rest of the show.

All in all, Grimoire of Zero is visually pretty boring, and it has stumbled with its story, but our two main characters are really good to follow and their relationship is just as interesting which is quite enough to make this an above average show in our books. This was a good enough work as Hirokawa Tetsuo’s directional debut, but there were still quite a few places for improvement.

They wrapped up the story quite nicely, but the journey isn’t ending for our characters, as far as the light novels are concerned. They’re going to explore new lands and meet new people, but we’re never going to see any of that animated. But this much was a somewhat enjoyable adventure for us to follow.

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