Grimoire of Zero 11: Understanding Through Confrontation

Grimoire of Zero 11: Understanding Through Confrontation

Grimoire of Zero continues to surprise us with its quality: this penultimate episode is on par with its most recent displays as it sets things up for the finale.

Zero and Thirteen’s fight doesn’t end abruptly like before and actually shows some important things. We see that Zero had made errors in her Grimoire on purpose so that one day someone doesn’t use her own magic on her with its full power. There are subtle differences in the usage of words in Zero and Thirteen’s incantations, with Zero’s being the original one.

They show the different parts of the incantation separately with their subtle variations. The different words mean less power than the original, which sees Zero beating Thirteen.

But the Mercenary jumps in before Zero could finish up Thirteen for good. He takes a blow of Zero’s magic which ends up hurting Zero herself. Here it is revealed that Zero had put a curse on the Mercenary which resulted in her taking the damage done to the Mercenary.

As for when she placed that curse, remember episode four when the Mercenary was taking a bath and Zero came to wash his back? Zero had seemingly put a curse on him, which was dismissed as a joke at that time. But that was no joke as Zero had actually put this damage sharing curse on him back then.

Another thing we see is the purpose of those red jewels the Sorcerers of Zero have on their necks. There has been some focus on those jewels, most prominently in the opening sequence. But those jewels serve a much bigger purpose than one would think. They’re Thirteen’s eyes; he uses them to observe the movements of the Sorcerers of Zero.

Grimoire of Zero is doing a fine job with these last episodes, as its way of using seemingly unimportant events later on is brilliant. Seeing something you dismissed as a insignificant turn out to be meaningful makes things exciting.

Thirteen is a rather interesting character. He isn’t evil if you look at things in one way. Yes, his actions were wrong, but he wasn’t acting with the intention of sending the world to ruin just for the sake of it; he was doing it all for Zero. But when he is told that this isn’t Zero’s wish, he backs off from his plan to destroy the world.

It is kind of weird how they’re making Thirteen out to be a not-so-bad guy, but it does make him a more interesting character. He apologizes for everything he has done to witches all around and for being unable to protect Sorena despite acknowledging her wisdom; he takes Holdem’s punches and voids his contract with Albus so that she can kill him if she wants. He does realize that he shouldn’t have done all that on his own and should have confirmed with Zero if this is what she wants or not. His apology isn’t enough after all he did, so he’s aiding Zero in her attempt to erase magic from the land.

Through Zero and Thirteen’s confrontation, we learn more about the two and their relationship. Watch below:

Albus is freed from the Sorcerers by Holdem and they run off. They get cornered by the Sorcerers’ assassins but Zero comes in to nullify their magic and save Albus.

It is then revealed to Albus that Thirteen was the mastermind who was pulling the strings everywhere, and of course, she doesn’t take this news very nicely. She can’t believe that the very person who spread magic across the lands, founded the Sorcerers of Zero and gives them directions to this moment, is the same person who is working towards the eradication of his own organization. Holdem is even more angry because Thirteen was about to burn Albus at the stake and because he was to blame for Sorena’s death, though he wasn’t directly at fault for it.

After rendering the blood contract void, Albus now has the ability to kill Thirteen. Whether she will do it or wait till the magic nullification plan is successful, we’ll have to see. At most Albus will only give Thirteen a bit of a beating because with his magic, he can prove to be a rather useful ally.

But the Sorcerers of Zero are still coming for Thirteen’s head and he hasn’t burned the contract for any of them yet. Albus knows everything, but the Sorcerers won’t be willing to hear her because she is now considered a traitor. And if Thirteen tells the Sorcerers who he really is, they’ll be even angrier and might turn on those by his side, namely Zero, the Mercenary, Albus and Holdem. But we don’t know for sure how they will all react. The most likely reaction is denial; they probably won’t even give Thirteen a chance to explain himself, let alone believe what he says.

Thirteen may still want to eradicate the Sorcerers of Zero like he had originally planned, or he could be using them to protect himself until he can help Zero nullify magic from Wenias. He’s not out of hot water yet since he hasn’t burned any of their blood contracts yet.

Thirteen also sees that he has been completely replaced by the Mercenary; the relationship he had with Zero pales in comparison to her relationship with the Mercenary. He now probably thinks that it was good for Zero to leave the cave after all; we say this because the look he had on his face when the Mercenary picked up Zero under his arm wasn’t that of jealousy.

This episode did the same interesting thing of taking small, seemingly irrelevant events and turning them into something important. This almost makes us want to forgive it for its screw-ups with its two big reveals.

With the Sorcerers of Zero hot on their tails and a kingdom to make void of magic, Grimoire of Zero has set things up for its finale here. They have wrapped up most of the subplots and they only have to finish things up. We hope they don’t stumble with their ending and deliver a fitting conclusion to this story.

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