Grimoire of Zero 10: Reunions And Revelations

Grimoire of Zero 10: Reunions And Revelations

Grimoire of Zero brings forth its biggest revelation as the identity of the mysterious man comes to light.

But before that revelation, we have a rather emotional reunion when the Mercenary comes to Zero’s rescue by breaking through the roof. The Mercenary was afraid of Zero, and still is, but that’s just his nature as a beastfallen; it’s difficult for him to lose his wariness of witches.

We see a teary-eyed Zero here as she lets out quite a lot of emotions in front of the Mercenary. She wanted a friend but Thirteen denied her that. She was lonely in the cave and when she discovered this new feeling, Thirteen sent her back to that loneliness. It was painful for her to be separated from her Mercenary and now they have been reunited. We already saw how Zero constantly told Thirteen that her travel companion was perfect for everything, and this reunion shows just how much she was missing her Mercenary’s company. She could have used her magic to prevent their separation but that would have been exactly what the Mercenary wouldn’t have wanted.

Things are progressing from “friendship” to “love”, though Zero probably doesn’t know that. But the relationship between these two really is a joy to watch. They have come to a point where being separated from each other can cause some unbearable pain.

The name “Albus” was a trigger for a forced summoning as the two get warped to some other place when the Mercenary tries telling Zero about the plan to deny magic. Here it is revealed that the mysterious leader of the Sorcerers of Zero is none other than Thirteen himself, and the Grimoire of Zero is in his hands.

We got some reveals, some other emotional moments in this 10th episode. Watch them all below:

Thirteen’s plan is to make people come to like witches. It’s not a bad idea, but his way of doing it sure is bad.

He took off with the Grimoire and spread the teachings of magic across the land. He created the Sorcerers of Zero and made them into a group of “bad witches” by giving them the reason of “appeasing Sorena’s soul.” He’d use Sorena’s death to make the evil witches, become a Sorcerer of the State, lead the side of the “good witches” and destroy the bad ones. People would then see that these witches are good and they would come to accept them.

The plan is working out perfectly as despite Albus’ attempts at convincing them to not fight, the Sorcerers of Zero are coming to kill Thirteen, the very person with whom they have a blood contract. Adding one and one gives you an ending where all the attacking witches die thus bringing an end to it Sorcerers of Zero.

We’re on the fence with this big reveal, though leaning towards some positive feelings. It sure is one big twist and makes for a very exciting finale. Thirteen being the one who stole the Grimoire makes sense seeing how he was the only survivor along with Zero.

Thirteen wants to make the peaceful world Zero had dreamed of; he takes it upon himself to fulfill Zero’s dream, though he doesn’t take into account whether his methods are acceptable or not. He wants to create a new world in the name of Zero and put her on the throne. He’s doing things on his own and portraying it as “Zero’s wish” like he’s some mad Zero worshipper or something.

We also saw a similar retard in a recent Danmachi – Sword Oratoria episode, though the one there was more crazy than evil.

For Thirteen, Zero’s wish is only an excuse to wreak havoc across the land; if he had had his way, the Grimoire wouldn’t have even existed. But since Zero ended up writing the Grimoire, he might as well use it. Did he really have to go this far to fulfill a childish dream, as he himself so calls it?

But if you look at things in another way, maybe Thirteen really is a crazy Zero fanatic, charmed by her unprecedented talent and mental capabilities. He does tell some people not to sully Zero’s great name like a true fanatic.

Thirteen can put down any lifeform of lower intelligence, so he manages to make the tiger man grovel. But tiger-san manages to control his anger and get back on his feet. When a person is angry, they usually aren’t thinking straight; they mostly end up making some rash decision which might seem good at the moment but turns out to be a rather stupid one which they end up regretting later on. One could say that they’re, in a way, less intelligent than when they’re composed.

The Mercenary maintains his composure and doesn’t blow up in a fit of rage, which sees Thirteen losing his control on him because he’s now more intelligent. It’s kinda stupid, yes, but it does have some logic behind it.

The Mercenary throws back the vial Thirteen had given him, which misses and hits Zero’s cage, setting her free. The episode ends with Thirteen and Zero almost attempting to blow each other away with their magic. But whether we get a showdown is questionable since the last time an episode ended like this, we got an abruptly ended battle. But even if we do get something here it probably wouldn’t look that good since White Fox has been taking it easy with this show as far as animation goes.

The episode put on display the main characters’ relationship, which is always good to see. The best thing Grimoire of Zero has done is develop the beautiful relationship between Zero and the Mercenary. The Mercenary is still afraid of Zero but he’s trying to overcome this fear, and he’s come back, even though he didn’t have a reason to return.

Albus will probably be freed as soon as Holdem has been released. The Sorcerers are coming for Thirteen and their own death unless Zero takes care of him before they can try. The fight has shifted from between humans and witches, to between witches and witches, with both factions wanting to create a new world where witches have their rights and aren’t burned alive every now and then. But their methods differ drastically which is why they’re at each other’s necks.

Grimoire of Zero is moving towards its finale and things have been set up for an exciting one. We hope we get what we want here, and that the ending will be thoroughly satisfying.

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