Grimoire of Zero 1: When A Tiger Is Stuck Looking For A Book

Grimoire of Zero 1: When A Tiger Is Stuck Looking For A Book

Grimoire of Zero has debuted and this looks like it’s gonna be quite an entertaining adventure.

In this world there are two beings hated by all humans: witches and beastfallens. Witches are hated for obvious reasons while the beast people are thought to be agents of the witches and are thus also hunted. The two beings also loath and hunt each other. It’s an endless cycle of hatred, and no one is willing to change anything.

The story focuses on a tiger beast man and a sexy witch. Both are victims of the messed up cycle of hate the church started here. Wherever our tiger man goes, he gets attacked by bounty hunters and witches. The witch gets chased too wherever people discover her identity. It’s a pretty tough life the two are living which this episode has made quite evident.

These two who hate each other, meet by chance in a forest. Tiger man is being chased by a supposed witch throwing arrows of light at him when he falls right into our witch’s hard made soup. When she reveals to him that she’s a witch by taking out the pursuer, tiger man takes off immediately. Some distance away, the tiger dude sits down for his own dinner and the witch shows up to help herself too since her food went to waste thanks to a certain tiger man.

The witch, calling herself Zero, offers to make a contract with the tiger, whom she calls “Mercenary” because she isn’t interested in learning his name. The contract is such that he will protect her on her journey in finding a person called “Thirteen” who went in search of a book and in return, after the journey ends, she’ll turn him into a human. Zero isn’t making this up; she can really turn him into a complete human since she was about to make a serious contract with him in which the party that breaks it dies. The beastfallens were made by some kind of witch sorcery in the first place for an army or something so she can possibly undo that sorcery.

As the two get on their journey, Zero decides to give the Mercenary a lesson in the difference between magic and sorcery. Humans all think that witches are only capable of sorcery, but they also have this thing called “magic” which is different from sorcery in its use and powers. Magic doesn’t require circles for one, which makes its use easy and efficient. There are a lot of other technicalities here with their magic and sorcery which are quite interesting, though not very important.

After Zero takes down the charging overgrown pig, she also takes out the reason behind its attack: a kid named Albus who was hunting the Mercenary last night. The kid says that he learned magic from some “Sorcerers of Zero” who had the “Grimoire of Zero” with them. Now who are these sorcerers and which “Zero” do they serve is a big question because there is one Zero right here who also happens to be the inventor of magic and the author of the Grimoire of Zero, and she doesn’t look like she’s familiar with such a group.

The Grimoire of Zero is a one of a kind book which contains everything there is to know about magic and if it fell into the wrong hands, it could mean the end of the world. If Zero’s claims of being the writer of that book are true, then that means that she also has all the power one could gain from that book, which would make her an unstoppable witch in every sense of the word. So why does she need a bodyguard? Wouldn’t it be easy for her to take out any attacker? She claims that it’s less of a pain for her if everyone’s attention is diverted towards the beastfallen rather than her, but we’ll have to confirm that later.

The best parts of this episode are Zero teasing the Mercenary. The interactions of the two are pretty amusing to watch. Now if the Mercenary were to get used to her teasing and they developed some awesome chemistry, then that would be spectacular.

And the ED is pretty good at depicting the atmosphere around this fun duo. Watch it below:

The two are in the same boat here; they’re both outcasts, ostracized, discriminated against and hunted by everyone around them. Their lives are equally in danger when they’re around too many armed people so they can’t enter cities or villages that easily. Everywhere they go, they risk drawing too much unnecessary attention towards themselves; Zero might be slightly safer since she at least looks human, but the Mercenary isn’t that safe. If they want to travel together then the two will have to put aside all their hatred otherwise they’ll end up killing each other. Zero isn’t that interested in the beast’s head, but the Mercenary probably still hates witches. The two have a long journey ahead of them and it’ll be interesting to see what kind of relationship develops between the two, and how it does.

The stuff about this Grimoire are intriguing and this “Thirteen” fellow also has our interest. The Grimoire might have fallen into the wrong hands and its teachings have probably been taught to more people than just Albus here. With the Grimoire possibly being in the heart of “enemy’s” land, it’ll be difficult to get it since it possibly means that the “enemy” has it, with the “enemy” likely being the Church and its goons.

This has some interesting concepts and it’ll be interesting to see how a relationship develops between the two. Plus, Zero is a really fun character who’s a joy to watch. With a lot of mysteries here to look forward to, this debutant display of Grimoire of Zero sure has grabbed our attention.

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