Demi-chan wa Kataritai Episodes 9 & 10: Inside Succubi & Dullahans

Demi-chan wa Kataritai Episodes 9 & 10: Inside Succubi & Dullahans

The ninth episode has the Demi-chans trying to control their demi powers while the following spectacle attempts to answer the biggest question which arises upon seeing a dullahan having lunch.

Ugaki manages to talk Sakie into using her succubus charms on Takahashi. And at the right moment during the planned discussion on succubi, Sakie takes off her jacket and release a small burst of her succubus charms on Takahashi. He manages to keep his cool but inside he’s almost about to blow.

The situation leads to Takahashi thinking about how a succubus’ aphrodisiac works. He believes that the aphrodisiac only enhances the sexiness of a succubus and doesn’t influence the looker in any way. Sakie believes that the aphrodisiac works on the viewer and makes them think that the succubus is super sexy when in fact she is not even that gorgeous. This is the feeling Sakie wants to avoid, but according to Takahashi’s explanation, there’s no need to worry even if she wears something casual and less suffocating than her current getup.

The discussion is nice as it gives us two somewhat different opinions on how a succubus’ charms work. As a result of this discussion, Sakie also feels she has progressed a bit in her relationship with Takahashi.

Moving on to Yuki, she wants to make her cold nature more useful, like using it to beat the heat during the summer season. But the problem is that she can only lower temperatures when she’s depressed or upset. In order to keep Yuki in a happy mood while still making things cold, Takahashi provides a solution: how about she fakes being upset? It does work, but the way she imagines someone harming her friend to fake her upsetting is a bit too embarrassing for her to handle.

Episode ten shows us the caring side of Takahashi. While he is carrying some heavy load, Machi is trying to do something that has her head in a rather unsafe position. This leads to her losing her grip and she loses her head. While she manages to catch it, it still was a pretty scary sight, since her head falling to the ground would result in some serious damage. This causes Takahashi to shout at Machi telling her to be extra careful with her head.

Takahashi is usually calm and nice to everyone so seeing him scold someone is quite rare (unless that someone is Hikari). It shows how much he cares about his students’ well-being and makes him feel even more teacher-like.

Now onto the big question regarding dullahans. The one thing that comes to mind when seeing a dullahan eating or drinking anything, is how is it all entering the stomach from that head sealed from below? Everyone knows that in normal humans, food passes through the neck region before entering the stomach, but how does that happen in dullahans who have disconnected heads let alone a neck? The tenth episode tries to explain that through a whole lot of scientific mumbo-jumbo.

Takahashi takes Machi to his college friend in hopes of getting some answers. Souma gives a theory that there’s a wormhole connecting the head with the body. It’s pretty plausible but Machi’s revelation changes things a bit. She reveals that she once went to the doctor who confirmed the presence of a neck.

Now obviously there are a lot of things in, and passing through the neck which Machi has of course; the spinal cord, vocal chords, and arteries to the brain, just to name a few. Now where are all these things? Obviously Machi has vocal chords which are needed for speech, so she at least has all the stuff one would find in a neck, so where is it all? Souma spouts some nonsensical gibberish about observation and intention in attempts to explain this but we’re not quite sure how much of that was even trying to explain anything.

The end result of the episode is that dullahans are incomprehensible beings. Machi also plans on becoming a researcher so that she can get to know herself better.

Both these episodes were of the usual Demi-chan wa Kataritai quality and they provided some nice insight on the nature of some of the demis. We get some progression with Sakie, too.

There seems to be something else going on here. The vice-principal doesn’t look too pleased with Takahashi doing whatever he is for the demis, unlike the principal who is super pleased with the sensei for all his work. There is a chance that we get some unnecessary drama regarding this, though the show will be better off without any such thing; the focus on the natures of these different beings and how it effects their daily lives is what makes this show interesting to watch.

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