Demi-chan wa Kataritai Episode 12: A Sunny Finale

Demi-chan wa Kataritai Episode 12: A Sunny Finale

Demi-chan wa Kataritai comes to a nice conclusion, even though this isn’t exactly the kind of episode one would want for a finale.

We said last week that episode 11 would have worked fine as an ending, and we still stand by that. This episode, while nice on its own, didn’t work well as a conclusion. It could have been somewhere in the middle and that wouldn’t have made any difference. It is good, but doesn’t fit well in the place it got.

The episode is basically about the girls having some fun in the water. For a swimsuit episode, there isn’t much fanservice save for the few scenes surrounding Sakie as she reveals her bikini to Takahashi who is unable take that level of sexiness, especially since Sakie has been blessed with such a nice body. Takahashi just barely escapes death.

Takahashi was trying to let Sakie loosen up a bit and have some fun since she doesn’t get the opportunity to go to the beach or a pool because of all the people over there. He fails in escaping because Sakie wanted to show off her bikini and he ends up staying there.

There is some discussion related to dullahan folklore which is somewhat interesting, and Machi’s head goes underwater for the first time. She had never experienced that before out of fear that if her head slips and falls in, it’d be one hell of a problem.

Hikari, despite not being good with sunlight, wanted to have fun in an outdoor pool. She didn’t want people to be too worried about her and give her special treatment so she made a sacrifice herself and got tanned and possibly sunburned as a result.

Takahashi also shows how good a sensei he is: upon being asked by Sakie, he says that he wouldn’t respond in kind if a student confesses to him. We’d guessed this before, but now Takahashi confirms it himself. He doesn’t see his students as anything more than students, and he’d like to keep it that way.

Watch this finale’s most heartwarming moments here:

While Demi-chan wa Kataritai has been an entertaining show we’ll surely miss, we’d say there was some wasted potential. Sure, they managed to deliver something interesting, but they were capable of far more given the premise. They took the safer path with Machi’s romance, Sakie’s past, Hikari’s possible family problems, and avoided the topic of discrimination completely; Yuki’s issue was the only one which was well done, with her character development being pretty neat. But that wasn’t enough when the other three girls disappointed.

If the show had realized its full potential, it could have been so much better. So many topics and themes could have been tackled with its premise but it was given a lighter tone and so it disappointed.

The parts where they attempted to explain many of the folklores and legends surrounding the supernatural beings were interesting. Depicting the problems these beings would face if they would attempt to get into modern day society was a pretty good touch which you rarely see. The characters were kinda fun, with Hikari being the best because of her overly genki personality. Yuki, with her amazing character development, comes in at second as her part was great.

Takahashi has been a good sensei character with him not wanting to indulge in any romantic relationship with his students. His students also didn’t make any moves on him which is nice too. Takahashi’s relationship with the girls is purely a student-teacher one.

Overall, Demi-chan wa Kataritai ended up being one of the better shows of Winter 2017 despite not reaching the point it could have. What it did it did good though we would have loved it if it had done more.

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