Alice and Zouroku 1: Calm After The Storm? Not For A Loli!

Alice and Zouroku 1: Calm After The Storm? Not For A Loli!

Alice and Zouroku has debuted with an hour-long spectacle which shows quite the potential to be a heartwarming tale.

The episode starts off with our main loli on the run from where she was being held captive. She has this power to teleport from one place to another, though it uses a lot of the energy which she apparently doesn’t have right now. While on the brink of being captured, some random woman who also has some similarly mysterious superpower shows up to save her. The woman’s identity and what she wants is unknown, but she most likely is on our loli’s side considering she came to help her escape.

Our kinpatsu loli is experiencing the outside world for the first time. She doesn’t know how things work there. The facility where she was being held only performed experiments on her and other people with similar powers. That she didn’t get any schooling is quite evident by the way she talks to Zouroku after meeting him in the store and how she quickly reads his mind without thinking about its implications.

With how they showed Sana here, one can’t help but feel sorry for her. The poor girl doesn’t have a place to go, she was treated badly at the facility where she was, her diet was restricted so that she wouldn’t have the energy to escape, she hadn’t eaten in three days; she’s had it quite rough, but she is still staying strong and determined to destroy that evil place and free her friends.

Watch a rough start for the show’s little heroine — followed by a dreamy ending:

Sana flees to the nearest city for shelter but she gets chased by a pair of sisters who also have superpowers. They wreck some havoc in the city and old man Zouroku also winds up getting himself and his cool Mini Cooper involved. The girls end up getting scolded by the old timer for being so reckless and dangerous in whatever they were doing. The police arrive at the scene and take the girls and Zouroku in for some questioning. Shortly thereafter, they’re all exonerated and free to go.

There are some bigwigs involved in the facility, as orders from the higher ups had come to the police telling them to let the twins go. Apart from that, all traces of the entire chase ever happening were removed from everywhere except for the memories of those who witnessed it.

The director of the facility is seen giving a presentation about how Sana, or the Red Queen, is a very valuable test subject who has escaped. She probably has unmatched powers among other ability users given she’s called the Red “Queen” and all. The director also says that this is a massive detriment for the country.

All this shows that there is something really big going on surrounding Sana and the facility. It probably involves some pretty influential personalities and possibly even higher ups in the government. There could also be another organization involved who is going against this facility. Its existence is a state secret, and the mysterious woman telling Sana to cause commotion in a big city was to get some publicity over something “strange” happening, which would then make it difficult for the facility to make its moves. They may be able to cover up some relatively small events, but if there’s a big event that gets coverage in the media, then it might be a bit more difficult to throw under the rug. But then again, there’s really no limit to how much of the media the government can buy; it happens in real life, so why not in a cartoon?

But where is the heartwarming stuff? It’s in the last parts of the episode. Zouroku, despite being annoyed by Sana and not wanting to have anything to do with her and all the ruckus surrounding her, offers to give her a place to live and food to eat for some days. This is the start of a relationship that will soon develop between the two. Sana, living in the outside world for the first time, will come to get accustomed to how things go in these places, how to deal with people, how to speak properly with adults, etc.

Zouroku happens to have a granddaughter himself who is named Sanae. She’s older than Sana which is apparent due to her clothes being loose for Sana. A reason why Zouroku has taken in Sana could be that he sees his granddaughter in her, apart from feeling sorry for the cute loli.

This first episode of Alice and Zouroku has had quite some intense scenes while also showing its lighthearted side. There are some hardships in store for Sana as she’ll have to live a very different life now that she’s out of the facility. It’ll be a better life considering there won’t be any experiments on her and she’ll have relatively more freedom, but on the other hand she’ll have to help out Zouroku without using her powers. We can already see her getting scolded for using them to her convenience where possible. She will also have to escape the research facility people while trying to cause as little trouble for Zouroku when possible. There will be screw ups at times when she’ll be helping out, but she’ll eventually get the hang of things as she spends more time at Zouroku’s place.

There is sure to be quite some heartwarming stuff to look forward to in this show. The stuff about the facility is interesting and will also be worth looking forward to. Alice and Zouroku has potential and we hope it doesn’t disappoint.

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